Quantum Creators: Building a New Playground

What does it mean to to truly live these days? With so much technology and so many options stimulating us and pulling us in every direction, it becomes more and more important that we pay attention to what we are paying our attention to. We have reached a point in human development that change occurs so rapidly that it can be difficult to plan  for the future or even keep up. We find ourselves asking “What is next in our world?” and have hard time coming up with predictions.

The last time I asked that question it hit me like a ton of bricks: “Am I really asking for someone to tell me what is next? Isn’t that like waiting for someone to tell me what to do? I know better than that… The only people predicting the future are the ones creating it!”

Oh, I get it… can’t get anywhere new by asking the same old questions and believing the same old ideas. Thank Goddess I checked myself!

We are powerful creators, creating the world around us at all times for better or for worse by our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions. The next step on our evolutionary path is PURPOSEFUL DEMONSTRATION of our ability to create the reality of our choice. We create that reality not from what our eyes can see; we create from our ability to let our IMAGINATION FLY FREE!   Right now we live in the playground of a world that we have created by chance, and we have mastered the playground of this reality; that is why so many are searching. We are bored because we just keep adding little bits to the limits of what we can see and touch. Most are creatively stifled because we aren’t living up to our full capability as powerful, creative beings. Believe it or not, we ARE created in the image and likeness of GOD…. Which means we have the ability to create as GOD creates. GOD is a word that describes the vibrational movement that connects and creates all of life.

I acknowledge MYSELF as GOD; I also acknowledge YOU as GOD. What is next for me is to active the depths of my imagination and build a new playground.

Juicy new questions. Purple Trees. My flying car. Teleportation Dancing. Men giving birth. Healthy food for everyone. My billion dollar website network. School taught through video games. Every child’s hero. Yep that’s me =)

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