Intuitive Readings & Spiritual Business Coaching

*All coaching, healing and intuitive sessions can be done in person, by phone or on skype, except some coaching programs that require in-person workshop sessions.*


Reiki Healing: Custom session designed to your needs. The Practitioner will assess your chakras for imbalances, and be guided to perform the healing in any one, or all, of your energy bodies. Certain sacred symbols will be used during the session to enhance and focus the energy where it is most needed. Aromatherapy may also be used in combination with Reiki to assist with clearing/releasing emotional or mental blocks.

Intuitive Angel Card Consultation: Receive healing messages & wisdom by connecting with the angels, spirit guides & your higher self.

Life Path Numerology:  Using the numerical energy of your birthday, connect with the purpose of your Life Path and have a deeper understanding of the challenges & opportunities along your journey.

Spiritual Discovery Mentorship Program: Designed for beginners who wish to challenge their paradigms, and expand their beliefs as they explore a variety of spiritual material and develop a more spiritual relationship to themselves.

Advanced Spiritual Dynamics: 


Reiki Level I Certification: Physical Body Healing, Relaxation, Energy Awareness & Intuitive Development.

Reiki Level II Certification: Learn the Sacred Symbols used for mental & emotional  healing, as well as distance & dream healing.

Reiki Level III Certification: Learn to heal the Spiritual Body and how to pass Reiki Attunements for both healing and to activate other healers.

Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship Program: Intensive training for serious practitioners who wish to become Master Teachers.


Life Purpose Discovery Coaching: Specialized session(s) to connect with your life story and view it through the eyes of source to gain a better understanding of why you are here and how to approach situations to gain the most value in relationship to your unique soul mission.

Custom Coaching Package: Specialized program to fit unique needs of the client. 

“Quantum Creation” Coaching Challenge: Creative Project Completion for inventors, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians and other creative individuals. Focus is on creativity, authentic self-expression and sharing your work with the world.

“Soul-Preneur Success” Coaching Challenge: Business Building Bootcamp for Healers & Independent Wellness Practitioners. Focus is on personal alignment, creativity, authentic self-expression and development of consistent inspired action for the purpose of building your business.


Private Spiritual Retreat: Custom designed to fit your needs.

SoulSurge Weekend Retreat: Various retreat opportunities to fuel and ignite your soul. Some topics include creativity, art, self-expression, healing, advanced spiritual exploration, intuitive development, etc.

L.I.V.E WORKSHOP (LEVERAGE INSPIRATION FOR VIBRATIONAL EVOLUTION): Learn techniques to Assess and Amplify Your Vibration, Align and purposefully direct the evolution of your life, Live in the space of WHAT IS POSSIBLE, Create from your powerful “God-Self” potential


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