Christy Lee Beckley


“WE are powerful creators.
The next step on our evolutionary path is
of our ability to create the reality of our choice…”

I just might be a bit “woo-woo”, but don’t be fooled… I am also highly intelligent, wise beyond my years and “see” beyond our world. I’m totally convinced that if you are drawn to me, it is probably because you have reached a point in your life in which you are experiencing, or are on the verge, of a breakdown of the old and a breakthrough to the new… and for those who have been willing to let my heartfelt wisdom in as I hold up the “mirror”, it has been a transformational experience.

I have been a Certified Coach, Healing Practitioner and Trainer for the last 7 years . I am passionate and skilled in assisting clients from all walks of life in defining their vision, setting appropriate goals for growth and strategizing ways to achieve those goals quickly and efficiently. I specialize in a combination of life purpose discovery, stress management & self-care techniques, intuitive awareness & development, healing shame and self-sabotage, vibrational education, awareness, amplification and alignment.

Be prepared to see, hear and feel the truth that lives in your soul… Be prepared to live life as the powerful creator you were designed to be!

I am a mother of 2 beautiful boys. I love experiencing live music, reading, learning and writing. I love to witness that moment in people’s lives when the light-bulb of possibility comes on and they realize “Yes, there is MORE TO LIFE, and I can be, do & have whatever I want!!”.

I believe happiness is contagious. We all have a purpose and gifts to share with each other and the world. I believe my mission is to support people in connecting to their magnificence, so they start living the life of their dreams. It is important for me to courageously live my truth and be the guiding light for others to do the same.
I live everyday for the adventure of being alive and I’m glowing in my magnificence!!

How are you?

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