When we allow the healer within to show up truly anything is possible;
We take responsibility for our own healing,
we claim our unlimited power and ability to live our life by Design and Choice.
We not only change the world…
We begin to create the highest vision ever held for our own lives,
the world around us, and all of humanity.



Starts Sat. 11/6 – Sat. 11/20


(includes supplies)

This program includes 3 weeks of training, healing and coaching combined!
3 Saturdays of Reiki Training and Attunements to activate the

21-day Chakra Cleansing, Self-Healing & Transformation
Daily Coaching Support as you go through the Chakra Cleansing & Activation

Training benefits of this program include:
**Certification as a Level 1 Reiki Practitioner
**Receive 3 Attunements to activate the “healer within”.

Attunements clear and open your Chakra system so that you receive higher
frequencies of energy to channel for healing.
**Extensive knowledge of the Chakra system;

including the relationship between the Chakras and your body, how to assess                        imbalances and bring them back into balance to heal on 4 levels of your being:

Healing benefits of this program include:
**Identify your own personal thought patterns and beliefs that are
creating illness in your body, as well as imbalances and blocks in your life.
**Develop a deeper connection with your body and your intuitive abilities.
**Receive valuable tools to transform your life and the world around you.


Reserve your seat in the class now!
Christy Jones

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