Ok- so i’m here… now what do i do?  Integrate all my selves, i guess; show up in a way i have never shown up all in one place. Can i do it? Do i want to? What are the costs and what are the rewards? Is it worth it? We’ll see.  What does it mean to be transparent? I think it means to share your real self all the time.  Inside congruent with the outside and visa-versa.  It’s kinda easy to keep up the role when it “looks” so good.  I think maybe everyone is as transparent as they know how to be, or their level of awareness will allow them to be. I also think that your degree of transparency depends on the person looking; some people will “get it” and some won’t.  I’m here for my own amusement anyway- so it’s ok if you don’t get it.  I give you permission not to understand; after all- how could you… you’re not me.  Your lack of understanding does not invalidate my experience.

by Christy Beckley

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