Transparency Revisited

“2 am and i’m still awake writing a song

if i get it all down on paper i’ts no longer inside of me

threatening the life it belongs to

and i feel like i’m naked in front of the crowd

cause these words are my diary screaming out loud

and i know that you’ll use them however you want to”

Anna Nalick ‘breathe’


willingness to be “naked in front of the crowd”

chance of mis-interpretation

willingness to show up completely human

as a way of granting others permission to do the same

recognizing perfection as the result

of imperfections that compliment each other

united as one


i have loved





by many

i have been loved





allowed to be human

to not understand

will it continue

as i continue to show up as myself?


process of elimination

others may choose to eliminate themselves

in response to transparency

i choose to allow them to not understand

to express their love as hurt or anger

to show up as human

i choose to love unconditionally

unconditional love=allowing others to be human

by Christy Beckley

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