THE Relationship


“Where-for art thou Romeo… Where have all the brave men gone? Show me a man that knows his own heart, and to him I shall belong” I don’t want just another relationship… I want THE relationship! I won’t claim that it will be easy, but if you stay with me through the hard times along with the good times, that’s what makes it worth it. If you can handle me at my worst, then you deserve to be by my side when I’m at my best. Grow with me, learn with me, trust me, follow my lead and be willing to teach me, be patient with me, love me even when I’m having a hard time loving myself. Remember who I am and remind me, even when I may have forgotten… I will do the same for you. Adventure with me… into the heavens, and into the depths of hell when necessary. Sometimes it will be exciting… Sometimes it may be frightening. Are you strong enough to endure it all??? Will you fight for us when it doesn’t feel good, or only when it’s bright and shiny? I want to believe in love. I want to fall madly, truly, deeply in love… With all that a life together brings. I want to believe that it can be sustained… I know it’s out there somewhere, actually it’s the love and strength I carry right here in my own heart. I believe i deserve it… I believe we all do. I’ve had the courage to go after it, so I won’t settle for less. “unless you’re down to explore the rabbits abyss… don’t try to figure me out” In my experience, things are never as easy as we fantasize them to be… Usually the more worthwhile something is, the more strength, passion and commitment it requires of us. I call forth this strength, passion and commitment from within myself… I yearn for the opportunity to share it completely with someone besides myself! I appreciate all of the relationships that come and go, however, I will continue my quest for what I believe to be possible. Thank you for sharing… I just want to do the same and I will when I believe I am in the presence of the one who is truly strong enough to be my man. (… so cliche, I know lol. Yes, my cheesy-ness must be endured as well 😉

by Christy Beckley

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