Since I Have It My Way

i believe that passion is a combination of both love and hate.

i believe that the stars are aligned for me to conquer the world, but not alone.

i believe in true love

love at first sight

and that it is possible to stay in love throughout many, many lifetimes.

i believe in past lives and soulmates

and, that I have had many come in and go out of my life

at just the right time, for just the right experience of good and bad.

i believe that good and bad are a matter of my perception, beliefs and ideas.

i believe that my world is a product of how i choose to think and what i choose to believe.

i choose to believe that anything is possible and that i can have it all.

i believe that i am in control at all times, conscious or not.

i believe that ignorance is a voluntary state of self-victimization, and do not consider it to be bliss.

i believe that i have been blessed with a myriad of wonderful and extraordinary qualities and experiences

not because i am better than anyone

but because i have chosen to accept the blessings available.

i believe that everyone is right.

i believe that my growth is a result of my willingness to let go

of my need to be right

i believe that forgiveness is worth it.

i believe that i am the hardest person

for me to forgive.

i believe that i am not responsible for the experience of others

just as no one is responsible for mine.

I believe that nothing has meaning

except the meaning i give it.

i believe that love does not always look or feel

the way i want it to feel or the way i think it should look.

i believe that love is letting go

just as much as it is holding tight.

i believe i will not be a disappointment.

i believe in raising the bar

living passionately

and taking life seriously


while taking it with a grain of salt and enjoying it.

Why not??

I’m making it all up anyway 🙂

by Christy Beckley

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