Omen for Rebirth


Like a string of multicolored Christmas lights

Everyone shouting “pick a color!”

I don’t think I should have to. In the eternal moment, my soul knows exactly what it’s doing.

Unless you’re down to endure the journey into the rabbit’s abyss,

Don’t try to figure me out.

Just enjoy me while I’m here, and

Let me go when it’s time for me to go.

I am committed to my purpose;

I am here for reasons bigger than myself.

I’ll return in time for the breakdown, fire blazing.

I am the omen for rebirth, so

reinvent and renew.

It always occurs in divine time.

The only method to keep me in place

Is the constancy of change.

… Oh, the duality…

Sometime I may want company, but

I only have room for warriors that don’t hide from who they are.

Don’t question yourself

If I’ve given you my time, surely

You are one.

I’ll shine my light…

Are you ready for the ride?

Ass-backwards. Upside-down. Spinning in circles.

Don’t look down.

You’re not supposed to know which way is up;

You aren’t that person anymore.

Shed old skin and let it go.

Life is an adventure, and

So am I…

Hold my hand.

Kiss my lips.

Endure my questions while I enjoy the silence of ecstasy

As I look deep into your eyes, and

Into the depths of your soul.

Thanks for sharing…

I just wanna do the same.

by Christy Beckley


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