SoulBiz Money Blueprint Application

Hey there fellow Soul-Preneur,
Are you tired of struggling to make the money you deserve as you strive to help others and make an impact in the world? Have you begun to buy into the belief that healers, artists and other soul-based entrepreneurs can’t make a high income doing what they love?
If this is you, then read on because I want to share with you my personal journey of how I overcame the money struggle and what’s possible for YOU!
Where I was before
I was struggling just to make a measly $100- $200 monthly in my soul-based business. I was making things soooo hard and not honoring how valuable my services are. I was giving away my gifts and talents practically for free, just to feel like I was helping people. I didn’t realize that by not valuing myself, I was teaching others to not value themselves. It’s amazing how much I was giving my power away, and leaving so much money on the table and I didn’t even know it!!
Where I am now
I had a major breakthrough last month… I went from making a measly $100- $200 monthly in my soul-based business to making $4,000 in just 7 days!!
No more feeling powerless in my life or my business… No more feeling powerless when it comes to making money. No more feeling like I should give up on my Soul’s Purpose and get a “real job”.
How much money are you missing out on every month that you give up your power?
I want to share my secret with you on how I broke through, so I have opened up my schedule for 7 people to claim one of these sessions. Because of this Money Breakthrough, I see clearly how I was making things hard, and I understand the simple ways to start generating major cash in YOUR Soul-based biz… My intention is to help you get clear and aligned making money doing what you love!

Claim your “Soul-Purpose Money Blueprint Session”
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This Strategy Session is for you if:
-You are ready and willing to do whatever you need to do to take your power back in your life and in your business.
-You are willing to get on the fast track to growth by investing in yourself and your business to get the valuable support you need.
This Strategy Session is NOT for you if:
-You want to be right about why you can’t make the money you want as a spiritual mentor, healer or wellness practitioner.
-You want to keep chasing the free advice and take the DIY route to building your business, because you know you’ll get there “someday”.


Expect Miracles,
Christy Lee Beckley
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